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"Singer/songwriter MILCK has proven to be a talented voice for change."

MILCK (CONNIE K. LIM) is a recording artist, writer, producer, and social change artist who is known for her anthemic songs that put words to the emotions behind global, grassroot movements.  Her song “Quiet” was a viral sensation that was named Billboard’s No. 1 Protest Song of the year, and an official selection on NPR's American Anthem series.  Her music has been translated into multiple languages by choirs all over the world, and has had shared stages with the likes of  Oprah, Jason Mraz , Yoko Ono, Amanda Gorman, Michelle Obama, and Ani DiFranco. The impact of MILCK’s work has also been honored by the city council of Los Angeles’s #TogetherWeSpeak exhibit, and Netflix’s This is Pop series.

In 2022 MILCK joined forces with GRAMMY winners Ani DiFranco, Autumn Rowe, and BIIANCO to perform their pro=choice anthem “We Won’t Go Back” as headliners for the DC Women’s March Rally, and the Kennedy Center for HIllary Clinton’s Vital Voices gala.  


This year, MILCK is gearing up to release her first independent album titled Metamorphosis under her own label, Gentle Rebel Records.  


In addition to her own songs, MILCK enjoys writing and producing songs of healing for others like "Mystery of Me" for Phillipa Soo, "Shh" by Linying, and “Stardust” for John Legend.  MILCK’s songs have also been heard on nationwide commercials, TV shows and trailers, including P&G’s 2018 Winter Olympics campaign, Secret’s National 2019 Campaign, Grey’s Anatomy, Blacklist, Lucifer, Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Netflix’s Marco Polo, Mother Land, CBS’s Asian American Heritage Month, and more. 

To learn more about MILCK’s advocacy work, visit

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