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"Singer/songwriter MILCK has proven to be a talented voice for change. -

MILCK (CONNIE K. LIM) is a gentle rebel gemini who uses her music and storytelling to encourage  herself and her listeners to joyfully tap into their truest voice. In addition to writing and producing with songs with artists like John Legend, LeAnn Rimes, Philippa Soo, and Natasha Bedingfield,  she is also known for her own anthemic songs that fuel global, grassroot movements, like her song “Quiet”, a viral sensation that was named Billboard’s No. 1 Protest Song of the year, and an official selection on NPR's American Anthem series. Harper Bazaar has named “Quiet” as a top 50 feminist anthem of all time. 


The impact of MILCK’s work has been honored and showcased by the city council of Los Angeles, and Netflix’s This is Pop series. She is currently working on a commissioned incubation project with La Jolla Playhouse, exploring a musical about the joys and pains of family healing. 

To learn more about MILCK’s advocacy work, visit


Photo by Jen Rosenstein

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